JW – Prophecy: Rutherford

What do you call someone that gives a prophecy about the future that doesn’t come true?

In the 1920 publication called “Millions Now Living Will Never Die” written by Joseph Rutherford (the second president of the Watchtower organization) we can see an example of prophecy that did not come true.

Below is a screenshot from page 88 of his book.

Points to note:
1. 1925 was when Rutherford said we should expect Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob to be resurrected from the dead and restored to perfect humanity.
2. After their resurrection, these men would be made the “visible, legal representatives of the new order of things on earth.”

They key thing to remember is that Rutherford said they would be “visible” representatives “on earth.”

If anyone can show me where Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob are representatives on earth (especially since 1925), I’d be happy to check it out.

That said, what do you call someone that makes a prophecy that doesn’t come true? Simply stated: they are called a false prophet. Rutherford was a false prophet. There’s no wiggle room here.


Here’s a link to the full book (indexed to page 88): Link


Published 5/26/24